3 reasons to try my Fitness Pal

Women using MyFitnessPal in the UAE Exercise More

What is MyFitnessPal? MyFitnessPal started out in 2005 and was running for around 10 years before being bought out by Underarmour for almost $500 million. It functions primarily as a meal tracker, allowing you to count calories with unparalleled detail. Co-founder Mike Lee created the app because he and his wife were preparing for a…

curvalicious ladies only personal training in dubai

What is it like training at Curvalicious?

Training at Curvalicious Hear from one of our own Members: Our head coach Marit is from Norway and a professional lifter that competes on the world stage, her experience in both coaching and as a physiotherapist means she is uniquely placed to support and guide our members through each and every workout. Choosing to train…

ladies only yoga classes near me

Ladies Only Yoga in Dubai

Ladies Only Yoga Classes in Dubai With our recent move to a new location, which is just across the road from Nadd Al Hamar Avenues, we are pleased to build on the popularity of our yoga classes to introduce new ladies only yoga classes in Dubai. These yoga classes are suitable for all skill levels…

The Reception of our Ladies Only Gym

New Gym

New Year, New Gym Here is a little look at the new Curvalicious which is launching in February 2019; To celebrate the launch of our new facility, we have an incredible range of special offers for new and prospective members, if you are interested, use the contact form below to get in touch: What is…


The Key Benefits of Group Exercise

Teamwork makes the Dream-work Everyone knows that making time for regular exercise in your weekly routine has several physical and mental health benefits but did you know that ladies who exercise in groups may actually get MORE health benefits than ladies who workout in the gym alone? One of the biggest current trends in the…